What is a Token Picker?

Actions or Steps are the fundamental pieces that build up a Zenphi Flow. Each action contains various input fields that provide the necessary input data to execute that action successfully and accomplish the intended task. Certain input fields available in the Zenphi Actions support Token Pickers.

What is a Token Picker?

Token Picker is a way to put the values inside your zenphi Actions. Once you add an Action to your Flow, you need to fill in the data fields. There are multiple ways how you can do that.

  • For example, if you want to send a notification to a teammate or yourself about the new Google Form submission, you can type in the needed email addresses in the Action field.

But if you want to send a Thank you email to the person who submitted the Google Form, you'll need dynamic data. That's where Token Picker comes in handy.

How to use Toker Picker when configuring the Actions?

Wherever you see the Token Picker icon, it means you can dynamically configure that property using by selecting the output of the previous:

  • Trigger
  • Actions (that perform before the selected Action)
  • Vaults
  • Variables

We're reviewing Vaults and Variables in more detail in separate articles. In this article, let's look at the basics of adding a Token Picker from Trigger & Actions.

For example, when configuring a Send Email action you can add a receiver's email value using the Sender's Email value we receive from Google Forms which started the Flow.

Pro Tip

You can use multiple tokens when configuring a property. You can also type in the text before/after each token.

To summarize, Token Picker is available for certain action input fields to access data values from previous action outputs, predefined variables, Zenphi triggers, and vaults by clicking on the Insert Token button next to the token name.

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