How to Authorize New Connections for Zenphi if the Previous User is Offboarded

If the creator of a certain workflow has been offboarded, the workflow would not run properly, as the previous connections are deleted.

In such situation, you'll need to create a new connection for the flow. Doing this won't disrupt the flow itself. you can select the "+" button as shown in the picture to authorize a new connection:

However, there are situations when a workflow has multiple steps and multiple connections as a result, to ensure a smooth transition, you can either:

A. Use the Designer by clicking on the "Connections" button shown in the picture:

B. Follow these steps:

1.Export the flow in JSON format. This way, you can easily identify actions that were linked to private files or folders and make necessary adjustments.

2.Import the JSON file into a new blank workflow.

3.In the second step of the Importing Process, you can review all the connections in the workflow:

4.By clicking on the marked button in the above picture, you can create/set a new connection.

5.After making the connection change, please review the fields of that action to ensure that none of them have been cleared out or lost.