What is a Flow Run?

A Flow Run (also referred to as Flow Instance) is an execution of a Flow.

Once you have designed and published your Flow, each time the configured Trigger event happens, an instance of the Flow is created and executed. For example, each time a Google Forms is submitted, an instance of the Flow associated with that Google Forms is created and executed. Or if you have configured your Flow Trigger to run every one hour, an instance of the Flow is created and executed every one hour. We call the execution of Flows, Flow Runs.

You can see a list of Flow Runs from the Recent Runs page

Each Flow Run gets assigned a unique id. You can see the ids in the Recent Runs page.

A Flow Run can have of these statuses:

  • Executing: the Flow is still executing
  • Completed: the Flow has successfully completed
  • Faulted: the Flow has faced an error while executing
  • Cancelled: the Flow has been cancelled by a user
  • Skipped: the Flow did not execute. This is mostly because you have exceeded your quota or the Start Parameters did not meet the criteria specified in the Conditional Run for the Flow.

You can filter Flow Runs based on their status:

You can also see the details of each Flow Run, you can click on Flow Run id