What is a Connection?

Connection is the way to authorize Zenphi to interact with the specified system on your behalf. If your process needs to interact with another system, like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Slack etc. Zenphi would need to use a connection to interact with those systems on your behalf. Say you want to update a Google Sheet as part of your process, you first need to create a Google Sheet connection. This connection grants Zenphi access to the Google Sheet file, on your behalf.

Usually, each connection is specific to an action type. For example, if you create a connection for the Add Row to Google Sheet, you cannot use it to add a row to Salesforce. However, it can be reused for any other Google Sheet Add Row action in the same Flow or other Flows in your workspace. If an existing connection shows up in the Connection control in the action config panel, it means you can select and reuse it.

There are two ways to create a new Connection:

  • From the action's config panel

This is the best way to create a new connection because the control automatically select the required connection type for you to create

  • From the Connection Page

You can also create a new connection by navigating to the Connection page and click on the New Connection button and then selecting a connection type you would like to create.

Connections can be reused by similar actions in the same Flow and also in the other Flows in your workspace.