How to Create a Google Forms Trigger?

Google Forms trigger is a very interactive trigger that starts a flow once someone has submitted a Google Form. There are various ways to designing your Google Forms Trigger. You can create a Google Forms Trigger for approving employee leave, requesting equipment, approving background checks, employee onboarding, certificate generation, contract document generation, press release process and so on.

So for this scenario we are choosing to create an Employee Leave Request Flow using Google Forms.

Remember to save the flow each time you drag and drop.

Go to the Google Forms Flow and click create.

  1. Create a your Employee Request For Leave form from Google Forms. So this Employee Leave Request Form has Full Name, Email, Leave Start Date, Leave End Date, Leave Type.

  1. Go back to the design zenphi page and change the title on the top left where it says "Untitled Flow". Replace the title to "Employee Leave Request".
  2. Connect the Google Forms. Select your connection select your form which is the Employee Request For Leave Form.
  1. Drag and drop the Assign Task and call it "Assign Task To HR".
  2. Drag and drop the If Condition and name it "Approved or Rejected".
  3. Drag and drop from Send Gmail to the false side and call it "Notify Employee of Rejection".
  4. Drag and drop from the Google the Add Event to the true side, call it "Add Event to Calendar".
  5. After "Add Event to Calendar" drag and drop from Send Gmail, name it "Notify Employee of Approval".
  6. Go back to the "Assign Task To HR" and click the configure icon. Type the task name, there is a token icon or you can just type in the task name "Approve or Reject @fullname Leave". Typing "@" will give you a pop up of the token. In this case we are selecting the Full Name.

Then filling in the assignee's email (HR email in this case), subject, body. If you want you can set reminders.

Go to the If Condition and press the configure button. Press the configure icon and select the token icon. Select from the Assign Task To HR and we to select the Outcome.

Then select the drop down button and choose equal to.

Next tab type "Approved".

  • Go to the Notify Employee of Rejection. Fill the details.
  • Go to the Add Event To Calendar. Under subject type "@fullname Leave".

Then scroll down and you should see the start time and end time. Use the token symbol, go to the trigger and select the Leave Start Date for the start time. For the end time, you can go to the token, go to trigger and select the Leave End Date.

  • Configure the Notify Employee of Approval
  • You are all set and ready to publish. You can test the trigger and start by going in to the Employee Request for Leave form and fill out the form. Then go to recent runs to see if your flow has been executed.

So creating Google Form trigger is fun and easy to design. It makes your job more easier as it saves time and a lot of manual labour.