Create Gmail Filter


This action is used to search for specific mails and implement changes/actions on them.


1.Connection - Here you authorize a Google Workspace account connection for Zenphi.

2.User Email - This field is used to enter the email address for your google account.

3.Criteria - Conditions to filter the mails based on, such as having attachments, certain addresses or words in body text, etc.

4.Action - The action that the filter performs.(Forwarding, Adding/Removing Labels)

Demonstration on how to use it in a flow

1.Drag and drop Create Gmail Filter action into the flow.

2.The Name section is pre-filled by the action name but you can configure this section according to your preference.

3.Click the gear icon to open its settings.

4.Authorize a connection for Zenphi.

5.Enter the Gmail address.

6.Specify the criteria for the filter.

7.Specify the desired action to be performed on the results.