Sentiment Analysis

This action will let you perform sentiment analysis of a content. The result will be based on the analysis score, analysis magnitude, and analysis language.


  1. Name - By default, it is prefilled by the name of the action. You can change it based on your preferred action name.
  2. Content - The message to be analyzed.
  3. Language - The language of the content.

Demonstration on how to use it in a flow

  1. Drag and drop the Sentiment Analysis action into the flow.
  2. Click the gear icon to open its settings.

  1. Enter the message or the content to be analyzed.

  1. Select the language of the message on the Content field. You can also select "Auto Detect" and the system will automatically analyze what is the language of the message.


Upon executing this flow, the sentiment of the message on the content field will be analyzed.

Sentiment Analysis Greater than 1 = Positive Feeling
Less than 1 = Negative Feeling

Sentiment Analysis Magnitude Greater than 1 = Weak Feelings
Less than 1 = Strong Feelings