Format Date Time


This action will automatically turn datetime value into string of equivalent value in the specified format.

*Please note that all data time actions now have Formatted Result property using which you can format their output without needing to use this action.


1.Date - The time value you want to format.

2.Select Format - The datetime format you want to recall as a string. Ex:

hh:mm:ss => 07:27:15

MM/dd/yy H:mm:ss zzz => 06/10/11 15:24:16 +00:00

Demonstration on how to use it in a flow

1.Drag and drop Format Date Time action into the flow.

2.The Name section is pre-filled by the action name but you can configure this section according to your preference.

3.Click the gear icon to open its settings.

  1. The Date field is where you enter datetime value you want to format as string of equal value. You can do this by clicking the calendar icon and choosing a datetime value, or the parameter icon by choosing the right token(s).

  1. Select the desired format.