Introduction to zenphi

What is zenphi?

Zenphi is a no code business process automation platform specifically built for Google Workspace users. It enables you and the whole set of new people in your company to automate their processes without writing any code.

The processes can be anything from a simple NDA Document Generation, Quote Sales Process Automation, or Incident Report to complex multi-step contract approval, or employee onboarding.

Zenphi enables you to easily orchestrate your logic across multiple systems (ex. Sheets, CRM, AI, e-Sign, etc.) and also bring in human to your processes to get approval, e-signature, review comments, etc..

You could do all of that without needing to write any Apps Script or code.

To get started with Zenphi, there are a few basic concepts you need to familiarize yourself with:

  • Flow
  • Trigger
  • Action
  • Connection
  • Flow Run
  • Token Picker
  • Variables and Vaults

You can also watch this short video about getting started with Zenphi