Lesson 1: Learning the zenphi basics

And setting up your Workspace


Welcome to zenphi - a business process automation platform for Google Workspace users. This course of the five lessons-articles will help you set up your workspace, automate your first processes, and will give you an overview of the zenphi capabilities.

In this course you will learn:

Lesson 1- What is zenphi?
- Setting up a Workspace
Lesson 2- Creating your first Space
- Creating your first Flow
Lesson 3- Creating your first Table and Dashboard
Lesson 4- Creating your first AI Model
Lesson 5- Automating your first complex process

Let's jump straight to Lesson 1.

What is zenphi?

Zenphi is a no-code business process automation platform specifically built for Google Workspace users. It enables you and the whole set of new people in your company to automate their processes without writing any code.

The processes can be anything from a simple NDA Document Generation, Quote Sales Process Automation, or Incident Report to complex multi-step contract approval, or employee onboarding.

Zenphi enables you to easily orchestrate your logic across multiple systems (ex. Sheets, CRM, AI, e-Sign, etc.) and also bring in a human to your processes to get approval, e-signature, review comments, etc.

You could do all of that without needing to write any Apps Script or code.

Workspace Setup

When you register your account at zenphi, you're creating a new Workspace and become the owner of it. Workspace is a home for your process automation. In the Workspace settings:

  • you can invite your team to collaborate;
  • track your Workspace usage and limitations;
  • manage Connections with other applications, and more.

Invite your team

To invite your team to the Workspace go to "Settings" - "Workspace users".

A workspace member can be an Admin, a Designer, a Viewer, or all of them.

  • Workspace Admins can only invite/manage Workspace Users;
  • Workspace Designers can create and manage Flows, Tables, Dashboards, AI Models, etc. - which means they have all the permissions to successfully automate and manage workflows.
  • Workspace Viewers can only view the Dashboards.

If you want your teammates to try zenphi and automate their processes, assign a Designer role to them.

How many Workspaces do you need?

  • Depending on the scenarios, companies normally create one workspace per department (ex. HR, Finance, Operations, etc.).
  • Some companies also create multiple Workspaces per department. For example, in the finance department, you may create a workspace for the accounts payable team, another one for the accounting team, etc.
  • Smaller companies sometimes use one workspace for all departments in their company.

If you are on your free trial now, you have a Pro plan which includes one Workspace.

Hierarchy of the zenphi Workspace

To better manage and organize your processes in the Workspace, you create Spaces. Space is a container for all the assets related to a process.

When you're on a free Pro plan trial, you can create as many Spaces as you need without any limitations. (On Free Forever and Essentials plans you'll be able to create only one Space).

Let's have a closer look at Spaces and start automating our very first process in the next lesson.