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Google AppSheet: How to call from AppSheet into zenphi, and vice versa
Google AppSheet: How to call from AppSheet into zenphi, and vice versa
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Learn how to call from AppSheet into zenphi, and vice versa by watching this tutorial or reading through the steps below:

1. Create an AppSheet Connection. Learn how in this article.

2. Create an App and a Table for it.

3. Open the “Automation” tab from the left sidebar, and click on "Create my first automation" to set up a bot.

4. Select a suggestion for your bot (for example, "send a notification"), and create a new bot.

5. Click on the “Send a notification” tab that you'll see below the table.

6. Select “Call a webhook” (or any other option of your choice).

7. Fill in the required information such as Table name, Preset, Body, etc.

  • For the URL you need to go back to zenphi and create a Flow with the HTTP trigger and Publish the Flow.

Once the Flow is published, click on the Trigger, switch to the Invocation tab and copy the "URL Including Authentication Token", and paste into the "URL" field inside the Appsheet panel.

  • For HTTP Verb select “post”.

8. Click on Save.

9. Go back to zenphi and add the “Convert JSON to Object” action to the HTTP trigger Flow.

13. Attach the action that gets the Appsheet records in the Flow (e.g. Maths Operation).

14. Now, we can use one of the Appsheet actions (for example, Update record) in this Flow to make a call from zenphi to Appsheet.

Note: The specific steps may vary depending on the exact requirements of your use case and the capabilities of Appsheet and Zenphi.

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