With the Pause action, you can easily control the time of your Flow execution. Let's learn how to set this action up!

  1. Usage

The ‘Pause’ action pauses or delays the workflow execution by a given amount of time. There are two modes for Pause action. It is possible to delay the Flow for a specific duration or until a specific time.

2. Fields


Field Name

Input Type




Drop down/ Selection

There are two modes that specify how long the flow should pause or delay the Flow execution until a given time.

Pause For


Number of minutes, hours, or days that a Flow can be paused for. A Flow can be delayed a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 60 days.

Pause Until

Date/Time Picker,

Pause the low execution until the time specified by this field.

Resume time


The actual date and time when the paused Flow Run resumed the execution.

3. Use Case

The following example demonstrates how to use the ‘Pause’ action within a zenphi Flow.

First, drag and drop the ‘Pause’ action which is available under the Control Flow category.

Next, click on the

gear icon. The Settings window will pop up as shown in the following.

The ‘For a specific duration’ Mode

Select the Mode as ‘For a specific duration’. Then set the duration to 1 minute in the below fields as follows.

Save the flow and run. Since the ‘Pause’ action is the only action available in the flow, it should take around 1 minute to finish the process.

As expected the ‘Pause’ action paused the flow execution for one minute.

The ‘Until a specific time’ Mode

Let’s select the second mode to give a specific time that the flow should run and finish.

With this mode enabled, the flow should be delayed until 10:31 AM on the given date.

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