The following sequence of actions are needed to add an "all day" event in Google Calendar.

  • Format Date Time

    • Configuration

      • In the "string value" field, using the token picker, add the start date from a previous action in your workflow or enter it manually

      • In the format field enter MM/dd/yy

  • Add Date/Time

    • Configuration

      • In the "base date" field add the "convert end result" from the token picker

      • In the "days" field enter 1 (or for multiple day enter the number of days the end date falls on)

      • In the String Format Field enter MM/dd/yy

  • Create Event (Google Calendar action)

    • Configuration

      • Add your connection

      • Under "calendar" choose the calendar to add the event to

      • Customize the "event information" to your liking

      • Under Event Schedule add the "convert start" in the "start time" field and "add date/time" result in the "end time" field

      • It is important that you change the timezone from "auto" to your local timezone

  • This should produce an event that looks like the following graphic in the calendar

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