This action is specific to using a .pdf file and was originally intended to merge two or more documents into one .pdf file however it also works for one document, allowing you to rename it as something else.

In this example, we are using a Google Form as a Trigger and our form has a question named ‘Attachment’ allowing users to upload a file as part of the form submission.

Go to ‘PDF Actions’ in the Toolbox and drag and drop the ‘Merge Documents’ Action as the next step in the Flow.

Click the Gear Icon. The ‘Merge Documents’ side bar menu will open and present the Settings tab.

To configure the Merge Documents Action:

  1. Go to the Documents field and open the Insert Tokens menu

  2. Click the drop down from Trigger

  3. Select the drop down option for the Attachment and;

  4. Click Payload

Go to the ‘Output Document’ section of the right hand side menu and enter the file name you are requiring into the ‘File Name’ field.

Exit by clicking outside of the side bar menu.

Go to the Toolbox and select the ‘Save File’ Action from the Google Drive Actions options and drag and drop onto the process flow.

Click the Gear Icon to open up the ‘Save File’ sidebar menu to configure the Actions settings.

Ensure that you have made a Connection to the required Google Drive in the Connection field.

Click on the Insert Tokens option and select the required File Payload from the Merge Documents action.

Click on the Google Drive icon in the ‘Destination Folder Id’ field and select where the newly saved file is to land.

Exit out of the side menu.

Remember to Publish your Flow before you exit out of the Flow Designer.

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