We are excited to introduce what we've been working on in September to make your automation truly shine!

Jira Actions

Jira is the software development tool used by agile teams. With zenphi, you can superpower your Jira workflow by automating Issues, Projects, Project Categories, Users, and more.

Zenphi Tables Export

Now, you can export data from zenphi Tables in CSV format from the Table designer. Supports up to 10000 records. You can apply for filters/orders by selecting the data that you want.

This is especially useful if you want to import the Table to Google Sheets.

Persist Table column resize/reorder

Now, you can resize/reorder columns of the zenphi Table in the Table Designer and that preference will be remembered. This preference is stored locally on the browser.

User Invite update

Now, when a new user accepts an invite to join a Workspace, they no longer need to create a personal Workspace first.

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