This month's most important highlights:

1. Zenphi’s ISO certificate

Security is one of the top concerns when choosing a SAAS solution to bring to the organization.

We designed zenphi with security in mind from the ground up. However, we did not stop there. Security is an ongoing practice for us, technically and operationally.

We are very excited to announce that zenphi is now a certified ISO 27001:2013 company for Information Security Management System Requirements.

We believe that security belongs to everyone in all of our offerings. That’s why our enterprise-grade security systems are available to everyone on all of our pricing tires. Even the free one. We don’t charge extra for offering a “more secure” platform.

2. Zenphi Forms upgrade.

Above all the advantages of the zenphi Form, the most incredible thing about them is that they have fully integrated into your processes and your data both ways. Zenphi Forms allow you to show each respondent the dynamic questions and answers, then automatically collect their responses and create reports without any manual data transfer.

What's new at zenphi Forms?

  • Look-up control

There is a new question type you can add called Look-up control. It allows you to display data from your zenhpi Tables as the answers to choose from.

  • Theme customization

Now you can easily add a header to your Form, and choose your color palette to align with your brand design 🎉

  • Image control

Add some fun to your Forms by inserting images as separate blocks. Easily customize the size with the scaling button.

You can do the same thing inside the question as well:

Learn more about how to use zenphi Form in your processes here.

Have any questions? Just drop us an email at [email protected] or contact us through support chat. We’ll be happy to assist!

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