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This month's most important highlights:

1. Zenphi Forms upgrade

Data collection is an essential part of most processes. Interactive zenphi Form is a perfect tool to survey your employees, customers, and partners. Our main goal is to bring a smooth experience for you as a process owner and the end-user who will interact with the Form and submit information.

Here are the zenphi Form’s new features that you can use to supercharge your processes ➡️

  • Configure the behavior of the form once it is submitted to:

    a. Allow submitting another response.
    b. Choose or create a dynamic URL to send the user to after submitting the form.

  • Configure who can access the form:

    a. Allow anyone to access the form.
    b. Only allow authenticated users to access the form. This means that anyone with a Google account will be able to access the form.
    c. Only allow users from a specific domain(s) to access the form. For example, only allow users from zenphi.com to access the form.
    d. Only allow users to access the form.

    Learn more about how to use zenphi Form in your processes here.

2. Zenphi Apps update

Zenphi Apps functionality is aimed to help you stay on top of every process you run by providing you with insightful dashboards.

Now, you not only can display the essential information from your processes but let the people interact with your Apps and perform the actions. That’s how you do it:

  • Create a new widget for your App;

  • Add an Action button;

  • Name the button and choose what will be done when the button is clicked - it can be running a Flow or showing the Detail page;

    Done! Now the button shows the app in your App widget.

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