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Note: The User roles feature is only available on the Pro tier and above. See our plans and pricing here.

1. How to invite Users to your Workspace and assign different roles

As the Workspace Admin, you can add your teammates to collaborate with zenphi. Just open your Settings and click on the Users tab in the Workspace section.

There are three roles you can assign to a zenphi user:

  • Viewer

  • Designer

  • Admin

The Designer role includes Viewer permissions.

Once you create a user, zenphi sends this user an email invitation to join the workspace ([email protected]):

2. Which permissions each role has









- Viewers can only view the Apps, not create, edit them or see their settings;

- Designers can create Apps and see their settings in detail;


All of the roles have access to the general information in the Settings:

- Workspace Location and ID;

- Who is the owner of the Workspace (to get in touch with them if needed);

- Number of Flows and Active Users.

Only Admin can manage:

- the Workspace Users;

- Quota Reports;

- Subscription, Payment Method, and Invoices;

- Flow settings: Error Handling;

- Deleting Account.

3. Overview of the screens for each role

👀 Viewer workspace screens

Main screen

Inside the App

Inside the Settings

👀 Designer workspace screens

Main screen

Inside the Settings

👀 Admin workspace screens

Main screen

Inside the Settings

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