Request data action improvements

Now, you can choose the exact conditions that need to be met to consider the task completed, get the recipient who submitted the form in the Output data, send smart Reminders, and more.

Zenphi Forms improvements

  • HTML Support in label control

  • Rich text input

Brand New Actions

  • Convert to Number

How it works

There are differences between how you'll write five thousand two hundred euros in Netherlands and USA:

  • €5.200 - Netherlands variant

  • €5200.00 - US variant

To avoid confusion in documents and invoices, use the Convert to Number Action. Just choose the culture for the value from the drop-down list.

  • Convert to Text

How it works

With this Action, you can join all items in a collection/list together, separate with the specified separator value. Your text will look clear: you can format it as you wish right in the Separator field. For example, add a comma "," or space.

  • Search groups

Now you can extract specific Groups according to the wide range of data.

  • Convert Unix Time Stamp (EPOCH) to Date Time Date Time

    and vice versa

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