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Zenphi Tables and Apps are now publicly available to our customers.
You can now supercharge your process automation journey by leveraging the powerful, integrated, and easy-to-use Tables and Apps. Store, retrieve, and visualize your process data to gain insights into your business operations and collaborate on them.

All in one place without having to sign up with multiple SaaS services.


You can think of Tables in zenphi as your “spreadsheet like” process database. They are where you can store any data that is important to your process: payment invoices, employee onboarding progress, or anything else.

The Tables are very similar to the spreadsheet's look and feel. Like spreadsheets, tables are effortless to use. However, they are more powerful and efficient and well-integrated into zenphi.

Zenphi Flows have built-in actions to easily add, update, search, and retrieve data from tables.

Watch a tutorial on how you can create zenphi Tables and use them as part of your process automation ⬇️


Tables also power zenphi Apps. With zenphi Apps, you can create a destination for your processes. Keep an eye on what really matters for the process, create and share the dashboards with your teammates, and analyze the data all in one place!

Like everything else in zenphi, it’s very easy to create a zenphi App. Using various built-in widgets of zenphi apps, with just a few drags and drops, you can visualize table data in ways that work best for your process. Kanban view, calendar view, pie chart, tables, etc., you name it.

Watch a tutorial on how zenphi Apps can serve your business ⬇️

Tables and Apps are available on our Professional pricing plans and above.

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