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Save Google Forms uploads to a Shared Drive


Google Forms is a great way to quickly generate a web form to collect information. However, if your form includes a file upload field, the Form must be saved to your Personal Drive folder and any files that are uploaded in Form submissions are saved in the same location. This becomes a nuisance for organisations wanting to use Forms as we usually want form submissions saved to a Shared Drive location.

Luckily, this can be easily achieved using zenphi.

Create a Flow using a Forms trigger and configure it to start whenever your Form is submitted.

Inside the Flow, drag on a ‘Foreach Loop’. Next drag on a Move Item action inside the loop.

Configure the Foreach Loop to iterate over the collection of files that are submitted with the Form. To do this, select the Trigger->(File Upload form field).

Next, configure the Move Item to move each uploaded file in the form to a folder in a Shared Drive.

In the File or folder field, select the ID of the file in the Foreach Loop action. Set your destination location using the Drive picker.

And that’s it. You will need to repeat this for each File Upload field you have in your Google Form. You could also create a new Folder for each submission at the start of the Flow and store the files in subfolders if necessary.