March Product Update: Microsoft Azure AD integration, new Google Directory and AppSheet actions & more

Welcome to zenphi’s monthly digest!

Let’s get an overview of the latest features released in March and how you can get the most out of them:

  • Automate Microsoft Azure Active Directory;
  • Automate more inside Google Directory with new actions;
  • Automatically get records from your AppSheet apps at any step of your workflow;
  • Send emails directly from Microsoft Outlook;
  • Power up the HTTP API Trigger.

1. Automate Microsoft Azure Active Directory

We are very excited to announce the biggest update of this month: a brand new integration with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) service provided by Microsoft. Its purpose is to provide a secure means of accessing resources and applications for users within an organization.

With the released Azure AD actions set, you can take your user and group management to the next level.

Here are some ideas for tasks that you can automate in Azure AD with zenphi:

  • User Provisioning and Deprovisioning: Automating the process of user provisioning and deprovisioning can save a significant amount of time and effort for IT teams. Zenphi provides automation tools for creating, updating, and deleting user accounts, as well as for managing roles, mail nicknames and other parameters for the users.
  • Password Management: Managing user passwords can be a major headache for IT teams. Therefore, zenphi offers automated password management tools, including self-service password reset. It can help to reduce the number of password-related helpdesk requests and improve security.
  • User Reporting: Generating audit and compliance reports can be a time-consuming and complex process. With zenphi you can automatically generate and export user and groups related reports, share them with your teammates, and store them at a specified location.
  • Group Management: Implement self-service group creation, automatically create groups for new projects, and seamlessly manage group settings and members.


Please note that Microsoft Azure AD actions are available only on a Pro Plan. If you’re on another plan, contact us at [email protected] to request the free trial enablement for 14 days. If you haven’t registered at zenphi yet, sign up for a 14-days free trial on a Pro Plan using this link.

2. Automate more within your Google Directory

With zenphi’s powerful Google Directory actions, you can streamline your Google Workspace user management. And with the lately released actions, you have even more possibilities unlocked. Here is the list of these actions:

  • Convert User to Admin;
  • Manage Users’ Photos: Automatically Get, Update, and Delete Photos;
  • Manage Group Alias – Automatically List, Add, and Delete Group Aliases;
  • Manage Data Transfers – Automatically List and Get Transfers;
  • Manage Roles – Automatically List, Add, and Delete Roles;
  • Manage Role Assignments – Automatically List, Add, and Delete Role Assignments;
  • Get Privileges.

Watch one of our latest webinars to learn more about automating Google Directory:

3. Power up your AppSheet Apps

A great new addition to the AppSheet set of actions – “Get Record”. With the “Get Record” action, you can request the information from the AppSheet table and use it further in the Flow:

Interested in AppSheet automation? Read this guide to learn how to supercharge your applications.

4. Send emails directly from Microsoft Outlook

Now, you not only can send emails from Gmail and post messages to Slack. The new Microsoft Outlook – Send email action extends your communication possibilities to new levels!

5. Enhanced HTTP API Trigger

Connect to any platform easier than ever with the HTTP API Trigger that supports query strings.

These are all the updates for now. See you next month!

We’d love your feedback! Tell us what update you’d like to see next at [email protected].


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