June Product Updates:

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest product updates for June. Let’s walk through the new actions, enhancements and bug fixes that we have made:

New Actions :

1.AI : Translate Document

This action uses artificial intelligence to translate a document from one language to another.
Input :

Output :

2.Zenphi : List Flow Runs

This action allows you to retrieve a list of flow runs that have been executed within Zenphi.This action is useful for tracking the execution history of workflows created in Zenphi, facilitating monitoring, auditing, and further actions based on flow run information.
Input :

Output :

3.Zenphi : Get Flow Run Details

This action retrieves detailed information about a specific flow run within Zenphi. This action is particularly useful for troubleshooting, auditing, or monitoring specific instances of workflows executed in Zenphi, allowing users to delve into the specifics of each flow run's execution details.
Input :

Output :

4.Zenphi : List Of Flow

This action retrieves a list of all available flows configured within Zenphi.This action is useful for users who need an overview of all workflows or automation processes set up within Zenphi, facilitating management, analysis, and maintenance of these flows.
Input :

Output :

5.Google Doc - Translate Document

This action enables the translation of a Google Document from one language to another using Google's translation services. This action leverages Google's translation capabilities to facilitate multilingual communication and collaboration, allowing users to easily translate documents directly within Google Docs.
Input :

Output :

Other Enhancements :

Recycle Bin Functionality for Tables and Flows:

         Allows restoration of deleted flows and tables by linking them to a space. For email templates, restoration does not require linking to a space. Items can be restored from the last 90 days.

Send Email: Validation for Attachment Token Picker Input

         Added validation to ensure correct input for attachment token picker.

Enhanced Flow Run History UI

         Improved user interface for better usability when viewing flow run history.

Convert Date/Time:

         Enhanced capability to automatically convert string format internally.

Enhancements to Email Template Builder

         Improvements made to enhance usability of the email template builder.

Bug Fixes :

1.Insert Content to Doc Action

         Fixed errors occurring during simultaneous and fast requests. Added retry patterns to prevent failures.

2.Nested Detail Pages in Dashboard

         Fixed issues where nested detail pages were not opening correctly in the dashboard. Improved navigation and usability.