April Product Update: Brand New Triggers, Google Contacts actions, and more

Welcome back to zenphi’s monthly digest! We’re thrilled to share an overview of all the latest features that were released in April. From new triggers and actions to enhancements that allow you to create more advanced and efficient workflows, we’ve got a lot to cover. So, let’s dive in and check out what’s new!

1. New and Updated Triggers

Let us introduce three new triggers that will make it easier to automate workflows based on specific events.

The new triggers include:

Google Group trigger

This trigger allows you to automate your workflows based on changes to Google Groups. You can easily create Flows that trigger when someone is added to or removed from a Google Group. This can be especially helpful for tasks like Project Onboarding or Offboarding.

All you need to do is establish a Connection, choose the event (Member added or removed), and specify the Google Group’s email address. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have access to the following values as output data:

Google Directory Events

With this trigger, you can automate your workflows based on events in Google Directory. The events include:

  • Admin privileges granted;
  • Admin privileges revoked;
  • Gmail account reset;
  • Password changed;
  • Recovery email added;
  • Recovery email changed;
  • Recovery email removed;
  • Recovery phone added;
  • Recovery phone changed;
  • Recovery phone removed;
  • Security key registered;
  • Security key revoked;
  • User archived;
  • User created;
  • User deleted;
  • User suspended;
  • User unarchived;
  • User undeleted;
  • User unsuspended

Additionally, you have the option to narrow down the event and trigger the process only for a specific OrgUnit, User, or by using filters. And as output data, you’ll have access to the following values:

Google Audit Activity

This trigger enables you to automate workflows based on audit activity in Google.

You have the flexibility to create workflows that can trigger from specific applications, such as:

  • Access transparency;
  • Admin;
  • Calendar;
  • Chat;
  • Drive;
  • GCP;
  • Google Plus;
  • Groups;
  • Groups enterprise;
  • Jamboard;
  • Login;
  • Meet;
  • Mobile;
  • Rules;
  • SAML;
  • Token;
  • User accounts;
  • Context aware access;
  • Chrome;
  • Data Studio;
  • Keep.

After selecting the application you want to monitor, you’ll need to indicate the specific event that should trigger your workflow. For instance, it could be a create event, delete event, or something else entirely. If you need more information about available Event Names, check out this article.

Once your Trigger is set up, you’ll have access to the following values as output data:

More Output Values Added to Gmail Trigger

We’ve also added two new output values to the Gmail Trigger: CC and BCC of the email. By including these output values, you can access even more information about the email and use it to create more advanced and dynamic workflows.

2. New Actions

Google Contacts Actions

Looking to take your Contacts management to the next level? Our new Google Contacts actions can help! With these actions, you can easily create, delete, and update contacts at any point in your workflow. Plus, you’ll have the ability to manage contacts’ photos and more.

Utility Text Actions

Customizing and manipulating text in your workflows has never been easier thanks to our latest set of text actions! These include:

  1. Change Case: With this action, you can convert text to uppercase, lowercase, or title case.
  2. Search Text: This action enables you to search for a specific text in a string.
  3. Substring: With this action, you can extract a specific portion of text from a string.
  4. Trim: This action allows users to remove whitespace from the beginning and end of a string.

Find these actions in the Operations folder in your toolbox.

3. New Question Types Added to Zenphi Forms

A zenphi Form is an amazing tool for collecting information within your automated workflows. It’s used in both the Zenphi Form trigger and Request Data action, and we’re excited to announce a new update! Previously, you were only able to use the Date Time question type. But now, we’ve added two new question types: Time Only and Date Only. This means you can now create forms that specifically ask for time or date information, making your data collection process even more efficient.

4. Interface Enhancements

Table Records Enhancements

Using zenphi Tables has become even more convenient! With our latest records look update, you can easily edit records by double-clicking on the one you want to modify. From there, you’ll see a window appear on the right-hand side where you can edit each cell individually.

Copy & Paste all the steps of the Flow

The latest version of the Flow Designer offers an enhanced Copy & Paste feature that allows you to move all steps of your flow, including complex components such as If Conditions, Foreach Items, State Machines, and more. With this update, editing your flows is quicker and more efficient than ever before, saving you valuable time and effort.

These are all the updates for now. See you next month!

We’d love your feedback! Tell us what update you’d like to see next at [email protected].


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